Product Management

Digital product management is my dream job as it is the perfect blend of art and science. The art of leadership, consensus building, customer focus, design thinking, and just plain creating something beautiful. The science of technical and analytical problem solving to build a logical, performant, scalable, yet flexible solution.

Having worked in both large and small organizations, under Kanban and Scrum approaches, enterprise and MVP software, and with and without a scrum master; I know firsthand the variance in digital product manager’s roles and approaches.

When clients ask about my approach to product management, I answer that I have three cornerstone priorities:

  1. Building trust with users and stakeholders through transparency
  2. Building trust with technical teams through clarity
  3. Building a competitive advantage through analysis

While that might sound good in theory, clients understandably want to know what that means at a practical level.

While not exhaustive or representative of every working environment, I created the below one-pager to demonstrate the key deliverables and ceremonies that I believe support those priorities. Additionally, those elements are shown in context of the counterparts they relate to.

Please see the posts below which provide greater detail on the impact these deliverables and ceremonies have on successful product management.

Additionally, I will provide further insights on my approach to building trust with stakeholders and technical teams.

  • My Favorite Digital Products

    I was asked once in a job interview what my favorite digital products were. I thought it was a great question and have asked it myself in subsequent interviews because it can prove insightful. So here’s a list of applications that I use frequently and inspire me from a product perspective.

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    My Favorite Digital Products

  • Approach and Anatomy of a Feature Specification

    In my experience, good product managers are good writers. In this post I’ll share an example feature specification that I wrote and discuss how it is used by various audiences.

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    Approach and Anatomy of a Feature Specification

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