Data Analysis and Visualization

“You can’t start a fire without a spark.

— Bruce Springsteen

It seems trivial now, but I recall truly enjoying learning about relational data structures in “Introduction to Information Technology” during my business undergrad at the University of Washington. It was 1998 in Seattle, so Microsoft Excel (and Access) were center stage in our curriculum and this is where my spark began. I’m truly appreciative to those professors and TA’s I came across who made data both interesting and accessible.

My spark started to kindle a fire after graduation working as a Data and Financial Analyst at Andersen Consulting. It grew further as a Finance Manager at Microsoft, and years later leading me to work as a Technical Product Manager at company fanatical about data analysis and visualization – Tableau.

Through these years and roles, I’ve had direct experience with the following:

Leveraging this experience, Strand Consulting can help you:

  • Understand your data and its potential
  • Unlock and expose your data to more members of your team for greater impact
  • Appropriately expose data to external customers and users
  • Review your data needs and usage to recommend solutions and training

Please see my blog posts below for more about my fire for data analysis and visualization.

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